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Detailing University

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Welcome to Smart Detailing University
One of the world’s largest and most advanced car detailing training and auto reconditioning training facilities. Smart Detailing University is an entrepreneurial-minded vocational school for professionals Auto Detailing & Reconditioning.

The Smart Detailing University hands-on training curriculum includes detailed instruction from one of the best detailing professionals. In our training go step by step through all the points detailing contains. Every step brings you closer to achieving success and gratification as a professional detailer.

Smart Detailing University is recognized as one of the most dynamic training organizations in the industry today. Our training program will give you the tools, knowledge and experience you need to succeed.



There are many types of training programs and services you may be considering such as:

  • Auto detailing
  • High speed buffing and polishing
  • Proper use of auto detailing chemicals
  • Or sales and marketing techniques

At Smart Detailing University there are many different options for you, whether you are trying to start your own detailing business or if you are just eager to learn how to keep your car looking great.

We know that there are a lot of decisions you must make before moving forward in any of our auto detail training programs. We guarantee to give you all the information you need to make the right decision and to help you find the business opportunities that are the best fit for you, your budget, and your ultimate success. So don’t be misled by other things you may have heard about getting started in this industry.

The Smart Detailing University program is developed to give students the framework and systems necessary to become more effective detailers and more profitable business owners. 

Smart Detailing University courses are limited to 6 students to give each student one-on-one individualized attention and guidance from one of our experienced detailing mentors. The Keys to success belong to the students!


Do It Yourself – Basics of Detailing
DIY Basics of Detailing is the perfect workshop for the enthusiast that is trying to learn how to keep their car looking its best. Have fun and learn to take care of your car properly. Everything you need to know to keep one of your biggest investments in tip-top condition. Step-by-step, hands on training with in our state-of-the-art training arena.

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Do it Yourself - Introduction to Buffing & Polishing
DIY Introduction to Buffing & Polishing is the best workshop to help you take your skills to the next level. Learn how to properly use the right pads and products to achieve the perfect finish. Learn how the control and utilize the polishing machine just like the professionals. Top-notch staff instructs you on the correct way to operate the dual-action polisher, introduce the basic pad and polish combinations, and finally provide hands on instruction giving you an excellent foundation to advance your detailing knowledge.

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Car Detailing As A Business
Auto Detailing and Reconditioning is one of the most exciting and fastest growing businesses. The auto detailing industry offers lots of lucrative opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurs, and start-up costs are minimal. This makes auto detailing a terrific business if you're an entrepreneur on a shoestring budget. The sky truly is the limit for new auto reconditioning professionals.

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Why professional training is necessary for running a successful business

  • Improper use of buffers and polishers could result in damaged paint.
  • Improper use of detailing chemicals could cause damage to the vehicle.
  • Using the 10 steps incorrectly could result in lost time and money.
  • Without professional training some these steps may become difficult to perform.
  • Lack of knowledge can usually result in poor work, upset customers and lost time and money.

Why a career in Auto Detailing?
With the current state of the economy, the auto detailing business is growing so quickly that the demand for professional auto detailers is off the charts. Not many people are buying new cars. They are however taking better care of the vehicles they have because they know it may have to last them a while. There are not many jobs or careers available, so it’s time to create your own opportunity. Some of today’s professionally trained auto detailers are making six figure incomes and keeping their nights and weekends free. Make the right choice and take a look at what the auto detailing industry can offer you in a stable career and business opportunity. Act now by starting your very own auto detailing and reconditioning business today.

We are the only program that guarantees your success! Your decision to attend is absolutely risk free. In fact, you can go through our entire class and if for any reason you are not satisfied simply notify in writing to a designated official. Turn in your training manual and course materials and we will fully refund you. You have nothing to lose, but the opportunity to succeed.

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