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got known in the detailing – industry with its Rupes Bigfoot 15 (Rupes LHR15) and Rupes Bigfoot 21 polishers (Rupes LHR21), orbital polishers with a throw of 15mm and 21mm.

With the Rupes Polisher and polishers you can do more paint correction then with average orbital or dual action polishers. Rupes extended there range over time with the Rupes Duetto polisher and the Rupes Mini polisher and the Rupes foam pads, accessories like backingplates etc… for every Rupes Bigfoot polisher. Since 2016 Rupes introduced the Rupes Ibrid Longneck Mini Polisher and the Rupes Ibird Shortneck Mini Polisher. rupes polisher for sale

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