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At Chemical Guys we believe a payment should go as easy and smooth as possible... Just like the results when using our carwash chemicals and detailing-accessories... This final transaction can be done on several ways, like;

Nowadays with internetbanking this is very easy to do. You just log in to the website of your bank and put in a payment. Our bank-details are the following;

Buitenhavenweg 8B

Account (IBAN): NL11ABNA0560295642

Please don't forget to mention the order-number / invoice-number in the text-field of the payment...

PayPal is a worldwide known online-payment-provider which can take almost any kind of credit-card or just work with the amount which is in your PayPal-account. Since PayPal is connected to your bank-account crediting and debiting this is very easy and safe to use. Also PayPal is popular since it offers "Buyer's Protection". Buyer's Protection means that if anything should go wrong you are 100% sure you can claim your money back. For these services PayPal requests a surcharge of 4% if you like to use it.

Special feature as from 29 March 2017; PayPal returns can be refunded. How does it work?
You shop on any website that offers PayPal – payments. When something isn’t as expected when you receive the item PayPal can reimburse you the shipping costs. It works very easy and it’s FREE. 1. Pay with PayPal, 2. Change your mind, send your purchase back to the seller, 3. Create a claim, send your receipt to PayPal within 30 days, 4. Get your refund credited to your PayPal – account within 5 days. The returns – programme is a partnership between PayPal and TELUS Int. Europe, find all details here General Conditions of Use.

MultiSafePay.com is as PayPal a very trusted online-payment-provider as well. The main-focus of MultiSafePay-use is aimed on the online-direct-banking-to-banking payment-methods like for example iDeal (in Holland), Mr. Cash (Belgium), GiroPay (Germany) and SOFORT (Germany). This works extremely easy and is free of any surcharge... Also MultiSafePay can be used with the popular credit-cards as well. For online direct-banking-to-banking you need your bank-card and your e-reader. After finishing your order, the ChemicalGuys.eu-website willl transfer you automatically to MultiSafePay.com. Registration is not needed and confirm the amount of the payment. Then put the bank-card in the e-reader and put in the code (on the screen) MultiSafePay requires, then reconfirm and payment is done and you will be directed again to the ChemicalGuys.eu website.

Multisafepay offers since 1 December 2014 the feature to pay your order after receiving it, MultiFactor. The guidelines for MultiFactor are as following;
- 1st ordervalue between EUR 15.00 to EUR 150.00. After the first time the ordervalue is between EUR 15.00 to EUR 300.00.
- For now only available for orders shipping within The Netherlands.
- Minimum age 18 years.
- Choosing this option makes you go automatically to the MultiFactor – website to proceed your payment there, when complete
  you will be automatically redericted to ChemicalGuys.eu.
- Surcharge for using MultiFactor pay your order after receiving is EUR 2.95.

Maybe you still have some questions or want to know more on the several payment-methods, please write us an e-mail to info@chemicalguys.eu or call 0031-(0)546-456716. The customer-service-team here is always most happy to look after your needs...