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get link Glazes: Chemical Guys has an amazing variety of glazes that will do just the trick.

Glazes were designed to take shine, depth, and clarity to the max. Our glazes have been formulated with agents that will leave your vehicle with a smooth and unparalleled finish to give you the ever so sought wet look. Paint perfection does not always mean you have to finish with a wax. Glazes are usually used by body shops, professional painters, collectors and enthusiasts.

Glazes deliver an amazing shine coupled with depth and most importantly protection.

What makes glazes so amazing is they can usually be applied in a variety of ways. Glazes work great when applied after polishing but before the wax or sealant and in some cases even as a final step when working with products like Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish or the all new LAVA Luminous Glow Infusion. A new generation of glazes is here. Synthetically designed and engineered super waxes made with a blend of premium oils, wetting agents and durable gloss enhancers that maximize shine and depth while amplifying color on all paint finishes.

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