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Ceramic Glass Coatings


Ceramic glass coating need time to dry and cure. With inffrared short weave paint dryers you can speed up the drying and curing process of ceramic and glasscoating.

These paint dryers are euipped with wheels so you can move them around in your workshop, the lights are equipped with gold coated quartzglass, this is very pure and makes sure a perfect transmission and temperature - resistancy will follow. The gold coating mirrors the infrared radiation and doubles the energy over the surface.

The Krauss Tools infrared paint dryers are equipped with (digital) time - gauges and optinally equipped with distance – gauges and temperature – sensors to dry safe and efficient.

Short weave infrared paint dryers are perfect to dry modern paint coatings;
- The surface get’s heated fast and evenly.
- The gold coating on the quartzglass makes a high heat – transfer which makes the paint coating dry complete.
- The short weave infrared dries from inside – out, perfect for a long durability.

Most modern ceramic coating, like the Chemical Guys Second Skin 6 cannot take rain or moisture withing 12 hours after application. With infrared short weave paint dryers you now can minimize the drying – curing – time. It will take up to 10 minutes per panel with the infrared short weave paint dryers which will take 12 + hours regular. this method of drying is perfect for professional detailers with a small workshop for ceramic coating that cannot have extra space to let a paint coating dry on a car for 12 hours.


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