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KOVAX Sanding


Kovax Sanding Systems (or in the US Eagle Abrasives) are big in the paint repair – industry because of their very good drysanding techniques and sandpaper that do sand fast and efficient and will leave very refined sanding – scratches which are easy to polish to a scratch – free and swirl – free result.

Check out the Kovax Yellow Film for orange peel removal, the Kovax Buflex and Kovax Tolecut Sanding Sheets for hand – and machine – sanding and the Kovax Sanding Block and 1/8 Sheets for removing dust and particles out of the paint.

Check the below video(s) on how it works and / or subscribe to the ChemicalGuys.eu YouTube Channel to be up to date with the latest product – demo’s and how to’s on detailing - jobs.



go site Kovax Sanding Systems antabuse disulfiram 500 mg P1000 enter site P1500 http://nathanlustig.com/?quest=does-antabuse-cause-weight-gain P2000 abilify chemical formula jokes P2500 wellbutrin xl para ansiedade P3000
Heavy Sanding YellowFilm YellowFilm      
Head Light Coatings P1000 P1500      
Orange Peel  SKU : SKU :      
Removal 5551000 7301500      
Application         Buflex Green Buflex Black
Paint Sanding       P2500 P3000
Clear Coat Sanding       SKU : SKU :
        1931565 1931564
Paint Sanding     Tolecut Pink Tolecut Green Tolecut Black
Clear Coat      P2000 P2500 P3000
Fine Sanding     SKU : SKU : SKU :
Prepping     1911523 1911522 1911521
Remove Dust          
Pre Polish          
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