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Polish Accessories


Polishing Accesoires 

For the best experiences and results in paint correction it is important to work with the right tools and the right accessories. Here at ChemicalGuys.eu we have all these products to get you geared up professionally. 

It starts with the right polisher or polishers. What do you prefer? A Rotary Polisher or a Dual Action Polisher? When you choose for a Dual Action Polisher you also need to choose which orbital throw you like… The larger the throw the better the paint correction is, the smaller the throw the more clear the finish will be.

After the choice of the polishers you need to figure out what size of pads and backing - plate you like to use. We have the size in 4” (80mm Velcro / 100mm outside) / 5.5” (125mm Velcro / 143mm outside) / 6.5” (150mm Velcro / 165mm outside).  Do you prefer a wool pad or better a microfiber pad? Or what about the Hex-Logic Polishing Pads or Lake Country CCS Polishing Pads.

These choices are all to make. You don’t need to choose by yourself, we can help you to guide and advise you in end to create your right polishing kit that fits you. Feel free to email us to info@chemicalguys.eu, call the office on +31-(0)546-456716 or connect over the website chat or whatsapp (0031-(0)653112176).

Check the below video(s) on how it works and / or subscribe to the ChemicalGuys.eu YouTube Channel to be up to date with the latest product – demo’s and how to’s on detailing - jobs.


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