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KRAUSS S75 DUAL ACTION DA ORBITAL POLISHER POLISHING KIT 17 ITEMS is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Quick Overview

ChemicalGuys.eu - XTREME_S75_ADVANCED_POLISHING_KIT, Krauss S75 DA Orbital Polisher in a kit, the perfect compact dual action polisher to work on small surfaces.

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KRAUSS S75 DUAL ACTION DA ORBITAL POLISHER POLISHING KIT 17 ITEMS is available for purchase in increments of 1

Price as configured: €297.95



What’s included?
1x No Swirls Krauss S75 Mini Da Orbital Polisher 
1x V Series V36
1x V Series V34
1x V Series V32
1x Pad Cleaner 
1x Polishing Pad Conditioner 
1x Pad Reconditioning Brush 
1x Hex Logic 4" Orange 
1x Hex Logic 4" White 
1x Hex Logic 4" Black 
1x Speed Wipe Quick Detailer
6x El Gordo Orange Towels

About the Krauss S75 Mini Da Orbital Polisher
The No SwirlsMini DA Polisher is the perfect compact polisher to work on smaller surfaces. In line with the No Swirls regular Dual Action Polishers, the S08S15 and S21 large throw Dual Action Polishers now the programme is completed with the Mini Dual Action Polisher to work on small and / or hard to reach areas. The 500W motor runs smoothly and operates with a soft – start. This ensures that (also overuse) of polish will used gentle without flying around the working – space. This Mini Dual Action Polisher is great for removing scratchesswirls and hologrammes on rear – bumpers, doorsteps, grilles and many more small surfaces. This generation of Mini Dual Actual Polishers is getting more affordable and we are proud to present you the No Swirls! Mini DA Polisher.

V32 & V34 Compounds
The V32 & V34 Compound is the first optical grade extreme compound designed with advanced technology to eliminate the most extreme paint defects and imperfectionsV32 & V34 Compound is developed for fast cutting capabilities utilizing optical grade micro abrasive technology to restore older paints and polish newly painted surfaces. The advanced compound is designed to cut through heavy paint imperfections for precision results. V32 & V34 is an ultra refined extreme compound designed to remove extreme paint defects while preparing the surface for the final steps of polishing. Formulated specifically for extended work time, V32 & V34 Compound is the first water-based OEM approved compound engineered to remove heavy paint imperfections and defects permanently from scratch-resistant and ceramic clear coat without filling in or covering up. Optical grade micro abrasives rapidly eliminate imperfections and remove 1200-1500 grit sanding scratches and swirls. V32 & V34 delivers fast cutting power with fewer passes to quickly restore your vehicle’s finish and is equally effective on both ceramic finishes and conventional clear coats.V32 & V34 delivers the finest results with unmatched optical clarity. Designed to function without oils, silicon’s  or fillers, V32 & V34 maximizes efficiency by optimizing work time to deliver perfect results.

V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish
The V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish is the first optical grade cutting polish designed to eliminate moderate to heavy paint defects and imperfections. V36 is developed to produce a perfect swirl-free finish. V36 is an ultra refined cutting polish developed to achieve the finest level of optical clarity. It is powder-free, dust-free and is formulated for extended work time. V36 cutting polish is the first water-based OEM approved polish capable of removing moderate to heavy paint defects permanently, delivering perfect results without filling in or covering up. V36 features micro abrasives that rapidly eliminate imperfections and remove 2000-2500 grit sanding scratches, swirls and holograms. V36 delivers a perfect finish with fewer passes and it is equally effective on ceramic finishes and conventional clear coats. V36 delivers the finest results with unmatched optical clarity. It is designed to function without oils, silicone or fillers. V36 maximizes efficiency by optimizing work time to deliver perfect results. V36 is VOC compliant and body shop safe for any paint shop environment. It is specially engineered to work with water-based paints and ceramic clear coats.

Orange Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad-This firm, high density foam is ideal for scratch and defect removal. The orange foam offers the correction of a typical compounding pad while at the same time allowing the polishing ability of light cut foam pad. When used with heavier compounds it will remove moderate swirls and scratches with little or no haze. It s an all around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.  
Use With:
Cut 1.0-Heavy Cut Compound (for lighter cut then yellow pad 
Cut 1.5 Medium Cut Compound 
Scratch & Swirl Buff 
Laser Buff 
CG Medium Cut Compound 
Cutting compounds with heavy duty grit 1000-1500 grit count
White Medium - Light Polishing Pad -Less dense foam formula for the application of waxes, micro-fine polishes and sealants. This pad has very light cutting power so its perfect for pre-wax cleaners. It is the most well used pad as it is ideal for application of pre-wax cleansers as well as many finishing polishes such as Pro-Polish or FP-Final Polish. 
Use With:
Cut 2.0 Light Cut Compound 
Scratch & Swirl Buff 
CG Light Cut Compound 
Pro PolishFoam Pad Polish- (As finishing Product) 
Cutting compounds with heavy duty grit 1500-2000 grit count
Black Finishing Foam - Composition is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to remove buffer swirls. It has no cut and will apply thin, even coats of waxes, sealants, and glazes. 
Use With:
Wet Mirror Finish 
EX Crème Glaze 
Revive Glaze 
Extreme Depth Liquid Carnauba

About Speed Wipe Quick Detailer
Chemical Guys Vintage Speed Wipe is a gloss enhancing quick detail spray designed to deliver a static-free mirror shine in minutes.The all new Speed Wipe is 100% wax free, formulated with pure gloss enhancers to deliver a perfect finish. Speed Wipe is engineered to repel dust by reducing static cling by up to 75%. Chemical Guys Speed wipe cleans, shines, and protects using advanced UV solar blocking technology. Quickly and easily remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, and smudges in seconds. The innovative detailing formula works great on any car, truck, motorcycle, and custom vehicles. Formulated using all new gloss enhancing polymers, Speed Wipe creates an impressive show winning shine. Speed Wipe contains no wax or film. The streak-free formula works on clear coat and single stage paintwork for a bright shine on any car. The versatile formula also works great on chrome, polished aluminumstainless steel, and glass surfaces. Simply spray Speed Wipe on the surface, gently remove dirt and debris using a premium microfiber cloth, and buff to a streak-free shine. It’s that easy! Speed Wipe leaves your paint with a thin protective layer that bonds with waxes and sealants to give a slick, high gloss shine. Discover the amazing versatility of Chemical Guys Speed Wipe.


Pad Cleaner
Cleans, restores and prolongs the life of wool, foam, sponge and microfiber pads.
Contains citrus degreasing agents that breaks up oil and eliminates traces of residue.
Removes waxpolishglazecompounddressing and grease.
Pad Conditioner
Allows pads to become more receptive to polish by opening the foam's pores, allowing them to better absorb and utilize the product.
Light conditioning lubricants inside add extra surface protection by reducing dry friction while polishing.
Works with lubricants in the products you are using and provides extra needed lubrication to protect against micro-marring and burning paint.
Extend the life of your pads by reducing friction which will tear the foam.
Foam Pad Conditioning Brush
The Foam Pad Conditioning Brush is a heavy duty cleverly designed brush that cleans and reconditions foam buffing pads. The ergonomic shape of the Foam Pad Conditioning Brush makes it easy to apply to any high quality pad. The tough construction of this brush stands up to constant use. When used, buffing ans polishing pads start to accumulate products.

El Gordo Professional Microfiber Towel Orange
Our truly professional grade microfiber towels, manufactured for professionals that need the best quality towel that can be used for everything! Introducing El Gordo Fatty Lime; this microfiber towel feels thick and dense and has the same size pile up that you front and out back like all Chemical Guys towels however, El Gordo was created with the professional looking for the best versatile towel to get the job done in mind.


Specifications Krauss S75 Mini Da Orbital Polisher  
Voltage 230VAC/50-60Hz
WEEE Number DE81155270
Power Consumption 500W
Variable Speed 2.500-5.500min
Throw 12mm
Thread Connection 5/16"-24
Ø backing plate 75mm
Max. Ø polishing pad 100mm
Slow – Start Yes
CSC (Constant Speed Control) Yes
Safety (isolation) class 2
Weight (without power cord) 1.9kg
Cable length 5m
Guarantee 2 years

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Manufacturer Krauss