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Specialty Items


Specialty items

All products need some extra attention, but we made this group what we think they need some special attention.

Products that can make a real difference. You can clean your undercarriage with just some water and soap, but many people want to make it shine and look as new. You can reach awesome results with the Chemical Guys Undercarriage DetailerMatte vinyl wrap or matte painted  cars… when you apply a regular detail spray on a matte surface it will give a gloss finish. With the Chemical Guys Meticulous Matte Detail Spray you will reach that matte finish which perfects your matte finish

Check the below video(s) on how it works and / or subscribe to the ChemicalGuys.eu YouTube Channel to be up to date with the latest product – demo’s and how to’s on detailing - jobs.


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    ChemicalGuys.eu - ACC_118, Gallon Hand Pump is the easy way to pump Chemical Guys cleaners and degreasers in a dilution sprayer bottle.

    Price: €8.95
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