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Availability: Limited stock

Price: €188.95
FOAM BLASTER (FOAM CANNON COMPLETE CAR WASH KIT (7 items) is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Price: €188.95


There you have it;

1 x Foam Gun with Heavy-Duty Hose (value EUR 89,95)
1 x Citrus Wash & Gloss Gallon 3784ml (value EUR 54,95)
1 x Citrus Wash Daily 473ml (value EUR 10,95)
1 x GlossWorkz Gloss Enhancing Shampoo 473ml (value EUR 15,95)
1 x Synthetic Wool Mitt (value EUR 10,95)
1 x Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt (value EUR 11,95)
1 x Miracle Dryer (value EUR 14,95)

Regular value: EUR 209,65
Kit price: EUR 188,95

You save: EUR 30,95

The Ultimate Car Wash Foamgun Kit Ever!
FOAM A LITTLE-OR FOAM A LOT, with the new Chemical Guys Foam Blaster washing your car is like a party!  We knew you were going to ask, "Why Foam Gun Party Kit" because it's always a party when you have foam involved.

This Chemical Guys kit gives you a bit of everything from rinse, wash, foam, and dry any size vehicle.
Now, you no longer need a pressure gun to produce a frenzy of foam thanks to the Chemical Guys Foamgun.

Manufactured for maximum foam distribution, this adjustable gadget delivers some mind blowing foam. 
The Foamgun is an Multi Ratio Cleaning Gun. You can use it with soaps and even degreasers for serious cleaning jobs.

Simply load your favorite soap or cleaner into the 32oz canister, dilute as desired and put some fear into dirt as you unleash mounds upon mounds of cleaning foam to your vehicle. When you are done foaming the vehicle simply quick-release and rinse vehicle clean with water.

When connecting your Foamgun to the hose you may notice an in-line filter mesh pre-installed at the orifice entrance into the Foamgun, uniquely designed to trap rocks, calcium deposit and debris from your waterways. This cleaver little addition assures years of use out of your Foamgun while greatly reducing the chance of clogging your Foamgun or getting dirt and debris onto your vehicle while foaming. Yup we even thought of that.

I am used to having a Copper Quick-Disconnect between my FoamGun and Foam Blaster attachment.
Why does this Foamgun not use Copper?
Copper sucks, and it oxidizes becoming green or rusty. Often times soaps, degreasers and cleaners as well as water rich in calcium will have a reaction with the copper making it cake-up or get White Crusty Stuff on it. That makes your foam gun unpleasant to use and eventually limits water flow and starts to leak.. that stinks. The New Foam Gun uses a unique Quick-Release system that is EASY and will not rust or deteriorate.  

Chemical Guys Foamblaster Professional- Foam Gun / Foam Cannon Features
- Produce thick, rich foam in seconds.
- Chemical resistance to acidic or caustic cleaners.
- Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals.
- Foam generating wand creates a thick, clinging foam.
- Detach handle for a powerful spray rinse -Rinse gun makes pre-rinse and rinse off a breeze.
- Easy to fill wide mouth, chemical resistant polyethylene 32oz canister.
- Plain and simple-this gun is awesome x 4.

Getting Started:
- Start by rinsing off the vehicle-The Included Foamgun easily clicks away from the foamer to be used for superior pre-rinse.
- Select appropriate soap and pour into foam canister bottle.
- Dilute soap with water in canister according to your needs.
- Connect Spray gun. Aim and Fire!
- The foam rapidly coats your vehicle in a extra thick layer of citrus wash Foam.
- The foam pre-soaking gently loosens dust, dirt and contamination, so hard rubbing is never necessary
(this greatly reduces unwanted surface scratches).
- Always start at the top and work your way down.
- Use the Chenille wash mitt for hoods, trunks and door panels from the middle up and use the included Professional Wash mitt for lower areas.
- Rinse off foam with a sharp stream of clean water and dry with Miracle Dryer.
- Our Chemical Guys professional wash mitt is stronger more durable and 30% softer then wool and is guaranteed to last longer, all without hurting Mr. Sheep...
- Always use a great soap like Citrus Wash and Gloss or A superior daily wash like Citrus Wash Daily. Never use more then instructed. Like all Chemical Guys Products LESS-IS-MORE a single cap full of our soaps mixes with 5 Gallons of water to deliver the best wash
- Always rinse your wash mitt in clean water when you are done and preferably throw it in the washing machine to make sure its always clean and ready for your next wash.

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