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chemicalguyseu flex_xc_3401_vrg flex xc 3401 vrg dual action orbital polisher

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  • chemicalguyseu flex_xc_3401_vrg flex xc 3401 vrg dual action orbital polisher
  • chemicalguyseu flex_xc_3401_vrg flex xc 3401 vrg dual action orbital polisher


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Quick Overview

ChemicalGuys.eu, FLEX_XC_3401_VRG, FLEX XC 3401 VRG is a gear driven dual action polisher with 8mm throw for buffing and polishing.


FLEX XC3401 VRG - Introducing a truly professional dual action orbital polisher buffer with some serous power. Tested and approved by Shelly Martinez professional wrestler and model, Shelly will gladly tell you, "This little machine has some serious power".
The FLEX XC 3401 Orbital Polisher is a dual action polisher used by more professionals than any other machine. The FLEX XC3401 VRG reduces vibration while delivering a professional machine that rocks! The XC3401 removes swirls, scratches, and oxidation that can’t be removed using a traditional D.A. or dual action polisher while elimination a lot of the risk of using a high speed rotary machine.
The FLEX XC3401 VRG buffer is used by professionals and OEM worldwide to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation that simply cannot be removed using other D.A. polishers.
The orbital rotation of the FLEX Polisher simulates the circular movement of the human hand while polishing. This motion is less likely to cause holograms than a rotary buffer. At the same time, the polisher's highly smooth running facilitates a careful, precise finish and allows for hologram-free polishing.


The orbital rotation of this innovative polisher simulates the
circular movement of the human hand while polishing. At the
same time, the polisher's highly smooth running facilitates a
careful, precise finish and even offers what is necessary for
hologram-free polishing. That's just what this polisher, with its
ergonomically designed knob handle, was made for. The positive
drive ensures a uniform movement, even under load, thanks to
constant lift. Taken in conjunction with the large stroke length there
is also the possibility of removing existing holograms from black
finishes. Thanks to the direct orbital drive, very little heat develops
on the surface, which is ideally suited to temperature-sensitive finishes.
The accelerator trigger switch and speed selection allow
for a controlled acceleration to the optimal speed. Note: the
machine's orbital movement has been optimally adapted for the
special back pad included with it.


The Flex XC3401VRG delivers unmatched power with the convenient variable speed trigger. Meaning at full squeeze you are running at the maximum speed setting you choose. However, unlike other random orbital buffers, if you let off the trigger, the buffer slows down. There is also a convenient lock feature that allows you to lock in your maximum speed setting without using the trigger. Your speed setting is set by a dial that reads 1- 6. The control you have doesn't stop with the speed, but with the ergonomics as well.

Flex has conveniently placed the handle directly over the pad. This allows you to place your hands at 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock, allowing pressure to be distributed evenly over the pad while having complete control over the unit. The handle is detachable for those who are used to holding onto the head of your buffer.

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Looking to make your Flex VC3401 the best and most versatile machine ever? With easy to replace backing plates you can get more use out of this machine than you can imagine. Check out this great video and learn just how easy it is to change backing plates on your Flex XC 3401 VRG unit.

  About Flex: Flex Power Tools was founded in Germany in 1922 and we are very proud to be one of the first companies in the US to stock their buffers. Orbital buffers are generally very easy and safe to use, but they have limited cutting power when polishing to correct imperfections. Previously if you wanted more cutting power you needed to use a rotary buffer but these buffers can easily burn right through the clear coat and they take a long time to master. The Flex XC 3401 VRG combines the best of both worlds to give you the perfect balance of strong cutting power and safe buffing. With this buffer you’ll be able to get a near flawless finish when polishing and still apply your favorite sealant or wax with ease.

How does the Flex XC3401 VRG compare to No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher
Both buffers move in a random orbit or oscillating motion, designed to replicate a hand buffing motion. They are both approximately 5.75lbs so they are relatively light and easy to use. The No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher requires you to purchase an aftermarket backing plate while the Flex buffer comes with a built in 6" hook & loop backing plate. Both buffers are typically used with 6.5 inch pads while they can use most pads over 6 inches. This means that most pads used with the No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher will be compatible with the Flex buffer.

The No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher has a speed dial that is the only means of adjusting the speed. The Flex buffer has a speed dial which sets the maximum speed you can reach with the variable speed trigger. Hold the trigger down lightly and it will operate at low OPMs and squeeze it tightly to reach the maximum OPMs relative to what speed you have the dial on. If you want the buffer to operate at the maximum OPMs, relative to what you set the speed dial to, you can lock in the trigger so you don't have to continuously hold it. The Flex XC 3401 VRG has over 40% more power than the No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher (9,600 OPMs vs. 6,800 OPMs) and a bigger motor. This allows the Flex buffer to give you more cutting power to remove deeper imperfections. The additional power will help ensure your buffer will not bog down under moderate to heavy pressure. Both buffers have a detachable handle, but the Flex's bail handle is positioned directly over the buffer as opposed to on the side. The design of the buffer puts your hands at 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock, so your hands are equidistant from the middle of the buffer, which helps you evenly distribute pressure. The even distribution of pressure really helps you work in the polish and get optimal results with ease.

The FLEX dual action polisher comes with a 6 Inch Hook & Loop Backing Plate. This plate is compatible with all Chemical Guys MPT, Hex-Logic, and Lake Country 6.5 Inch Foam Pads.





RED- is a very advanced wax & sealant pad superior for all jobs and virtually fool proof. Specialized Multi-Pore construction. for applying fine products like Wet Mirror Finish, glazes waxes, or sealants. 
Blue- is a very advanced finishing pad superior for all jobs and virtually full proof. Specialized Multi-Pore construction is superior for applying fine polishes, glazes waxes, or sealants.
WHITE- is a very advanced polishing pad superior for all jobs and virtually full proof. Specialized Multi-Pore construction is superior for polishing using any fine polish, glazes light cut to Medium cut compounds.
YELLOW- Easily Removes Medium to Heavy swirl marks, surface
blemishes and marring while restoring  gloss.

The best and easiest to use pad to restore and enhance shine and gloss. Ideal for regular paint care with minor surface imperfections. Use with Medium to Heavy Cut Compounds and Surface Cleaners.


FUN FACTS The Flex buffer also comes with much other technological advancement that makes it one of the premier buffers on the market. Flex uses seven-fold microprocessor electronics: with consistent speed control by tachometer generator, soft start, accelerator trigger switch, restart protection after power interruption, overload protection, temperature monitoring, and speed selection. The oscillating motion moves the buffer precisely 8mm during one orbit. The handle is removable and easy to hold so you can detail for hours with no problems. Quality shut-off carbon brushes: if the carbon brushes wear down, the motor will be automatically switched off and thus protected from damage.


FLEX Specifications  
Backing Plate Diameter Max 6 inches
Polishing Pad Diameter Max 8 inches
Speed Without Load 160 - 480 rpm
Orbit Without Load 3200 - 9600 rpm
Power Input 900 Watt
Power Output 590Watt
WEEE Number DE10180300
Length Of Unit 15.75 inches
Height Of Unit 4.7 inches
Weight Of Unit 5.6 lbs
Cord Length 13 feet
Warranty 1 Year

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