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Waterless Wash


abilify konzentrationsstörungen erwachsenen Waterless Wash

Here at Chemical Guys we think ecofriendly.

With one of our green, eco-friendly solutions you can simply wash your car complete and everywhere without using water! You simply spray the product like EcoSmart Waterless Detailing System Ready – to - Use on the dirty surface and wipe it clean with a microfiber towel. With our Waterless Wash Systems you can you can clean, shine, and protect your entire vehicle without one drop of water. With a normal car wash you use more than 300 liter water. With one of our bio-degradable products you only require a couple of sprays in total. For a professional use or bulk use you can also use the ECO Detailing Pod

Check the below video(s) on how it works and / or subscribe to the ChemicalGuys.eu YouTube Channel to be up to date with the latest product – demo’s and how to’s on detailing - jobs.



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