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Quick Overview

ChemicalGuys.eu - POW_100, Eco Detailing Pod is more then waterless wash. Going green has never been easier and effective!


Eco Detailing Pod- Battery Powered Complete Mobile Detailing Unit

Eco friendly and waterless detailing and car wash products are here! Going Green requires considering the best options to make your detailing easier while being a more efficient, effective and profitable environmentally friendly company. Going "green" requires change!

The first SMART, mobile detailing choice. 
The Eco Detailing Pod enables you to detail anywhere, anytime without wasting time, money or water! It is cordless, limitless and completely mobile detailing system with (ZERO NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT) all self contained in an easy to move about unit.

The Chemical Guys Eco-Detailing Pod is a Complete Waterless Detailing System that has revolutionized the world of detailing forever.  Over a decade of research and development was spent developing a completely new detailing system designed to help you save time, save effort, save money and most important of all, save the environment. Our unique system brings mobility, speed and comfort together to reveal the ultimate system for detailing any vehicle, anytime. 

Say good-bye to wasting, time, money and water waste forever - Chemical Guys feels you should be able to detail your boat, plane, motorcycle, or automobile anywhere at any time. Traditional water-based detailing systems are large, bulky, wasteful and expensive.  Detailers and car wash business have to pull around heavy trailers or drive around trucks and vans to carry all the necessary tools, equipment and chemicals necessary to even wash a vehicle.  The Eco Detailing Pod is a little large than an average backpack. If can fit in virtually any vehicle even a SMART CAR.  The best part is, the Eco Detailing Pod is 100% battery powered and delivers over 20hrs of work time making it the most mobile detailing unit ever.

Detailing a car in minutes- The green solution to a complete auto detail has finally arrived! 
Easy to use car care ECO products that you simply spray on, gently wipe dirt and contamination away, and buff-off to a clean high-gloss shine! Clean, polish, & protect your entire vehicle without water. ECOSMART can be used virtually anywhere, anytime, on a wet or dry surface in the sun or shade. ECOSMART is more than just a product; it’s a complete detailing system in a bottle. ECOSMART reduces water waste and is the first biodegradable alternative to using soap and water. Get Smart and join the green revolution with ECOSMART; The Complete Waterless Detailing system

Will I scratch my vehicle without using water?
ECOSMART is designed to safely remove dirt and contamination from the surface without harming or scratching the painted surface. Advanced hyper surfactants allows the dirt to be surrounded and pulled from the surface while gentle lubricating agents allow the towel to glide effortlessly on the surface ensuring a perfect finish with a superior shine.

Is ECOSMART only for painted surfaces?
ECOSMART is a complete detailing system that works on any area of a vehicle including glass, wheels, plastics, engine bays, undercarriage, and even metal surfaces. ECOSMART is able to remove dirt and contamination from even the most sensitive areas. 

Can ECOSMART be used in direct sunlight?
Yes. The unique emulsion characteristics of ECOSMART allow the product to be used in direct sunlight. Even in high temperatures, ECOSMART will remove dirt and contaminates leaving a perfectly clean surface with a high gloss shine that lasts. ECOSMART will give amazingly fast results in any temperature.

Going "green" requires change! Compelling events, such as water conservation and control of water runoff, are already driving change into our industry.

Chemical Guys begin Smart Detailing University are  leading the industry by offering the highest quality professional chemicals, tools, and education though training to help lead the way while delivering superior professional results to vehicles while eliminating a negative impact on the environment. We offer Eco–Friendly Auto Detailing solutions perfect for today's professional auto detailer:

The first detailing unit with ZERO WASTE, ZERO WATER WASTE.
Generators waste gas, pollute the environment, are large and bulk, heavy to carry, require a trailer or a van to transport, are expensive to purchase and maintain;  worse of all waste hundreds of gallons of water every day.  Besides the obvious environmental problems or water waste, chemical contamination, drainage problems  and water runoff into waterways,  generators also pose another problem, they are load and most business, neighborhoods and parking lots do not allow them. 

The Chemical Guys Eco Detailing Pod:
- Saves hundreds of gallons of water daily
- Saves time and energy
- Delivers a complete detail without waste
- Uses less that 8 oz of Eco Smart detailing solution per vehicle
- Delivers 20 hrs of constant detailing time on one charge
- Is lightweight and easy to transport
- Is mobile and can easily be pulled around after you
- Is as quite as an electric toothbrush
- Is well designed to attract the attention of your customers

Eco Detailing Pod- Complete Mobile Detailing System & Unit is unlike a high pressure system. 
The Eco Detailing Pod uses a specially designed Low-Pressure , No-Waste System .
Wash, Polish, Wax, & Protect your car, RV, motorcycle, plane, boat, etc. in one easy step.
Great for chrome, wheels, plastic, glass, metal, fiberglass + more.

The Perfect Detailing Solution
The Eco-Detailing Pod allows you to perform a complete detail to any vehicle without restrictions on where the job can be performed. No extra water or electricity is needed because the Eco-Detailing Pod is a complete system with everything you need.

The Eco-Detailing Pod can work both indoors and outdoors. The Eco-Detailing Pod is also designed to be used 100% indoors in places like museums, car shows, and exclusive collections where cars are only stored inside a climate controlled facility. No matter what the situation, the Eco-Detailing Pod is just the solution for your detailing needs.

The Chemical Guys Detailing Pod- Low Pressure Wash System is 100% environmentally responsible .  The Average carwash at home wastes  160-300 gallons of water , using The Eco Detailing Pod low pressure wash system by Chemical Guys uses less than  16oz of product to detail (not simply wash) an entire vehicle. 

The Best Experience Possible
Everything about the Eco-Detailing Pod is designed to give the best detailing experience possible to anyone from the weekend enthusiast looking for that showroom shine, to the professional detailer looking to open up new opportunities to where a job can be performed. The average car wash at home wastes as much as 160-300 gallons of water. In a world of water shortage and conservation, wasting this much water is just not ethical. We designed the Eco-Detailing Pod to be ultra efficient by using only 8 ounces of product to detail an entire vehicle which totally changed the world of detailing forever. This ultra efficient design saves time and money while also saving hundreds of gallons of water each time you use the Eco-Detailing Pod

Smart Power Systems
Chemical Guys feels you should be able to detail your boat, plane, motorcycle, or automobile anywhere at any time. The Eco Detailing Pod is a little large than an average backpack. If can fit in virtually any vehicle even a SMART CAR. The best part is, the Eco Detailing Pod is 100% battery powered and delivers over 20hrs of work time making it the most mobile detailing unit ever.

The Art of Engineering
The Eco-Detailing Pod was designed from the ground up to be 100% unique. The futuristic design of the unique storage pod holds a full 5.5 gallons of product. The eye catching fluid hose is fully transparent and allows the user to view the product flowing through the machine. These unique design features really set the Eco-Detailing Pod apart from any detailing system on the market. High-tech lithium-ion batteries bring computer technology into the world of detailing allowing for a full 20 hours of work time. The batteries for the Eco-Detailing Pod were custom designed to our specifications to allow for the extended work time that enthusiasts and professionals demand. Only the art of engineering could bring you a product this good.

The Eco Detailing Pod
Is one Professional Grade Unit. The Complete Waterless Detailing System is 100% cordless allowing you to move about anywhere in any location without restrictions.

The Detailing Pod comes complete:
Heavy Duty Long-Life rechargeable battery
- Environmentally friendly detailing solution
- No Water Waste or Water Runoff
- Professional Heavy Duty Metal handle
- 2 Industrial spray tips with Heavy Duty Quick Release
- Extended Reach Stainless Steel Spray Lance w/quick release ($64 value FREE)
- UV treated molded body
- Professional Italian Design and manufactured Premium Spray Gun
- Capacity 5 gallons
- Wheels Heavy Duty 6” wheels
- Battery 12 Volt
- Battery Life -20 hrs on full charge
- Warranty 1 Year

Environmental Protection Agency leads the nation's environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts. The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is to protect human health and the environment. In California, Texas, Florida and many other states where large bodies of water exist, the EPA requires detailers and mobile detailers to be 100% compliant by containing run-off wash water or by using a waterless detailing system.

The Chemical Guys Eco Detailing Pod - Battery Operated System Sprayer Low Pressure Wash System is 100% environmentally responsible. The Average carwash at home wastes 160-300 gallons of water, using The Eco Detailing Pod low pressure wash system by Chemical Guys uses less than 16oz of product to detail (not simply wash) an entire vehicle.

What to use in your Eco Detailing Pod?
Chemical Guys manufactures a complete line-up of professional detailing chemical concentrates for your Detailing Pod.  To start we recommend ECOSMART. ECOSMART GO GREEN! Hyper Concentrate makes detailing even better by delivering the best Hyper-Concentrated Detailing solution. A single 32oz of Ecosmart will mix with 5 gallons of Di water in your Eco Detailing Pod to deliver 60-80 complete details with ZERO water waste.

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