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Black Paint Correction
Black Car Polish 
Black Paint is beautiful on most cars, it is chique and kind of intrigues people with its sinister and dark optics. Black paint is even more beautiful when it is cared for correct, free of swirls, free of scratches and with an unparalel shine that glides over the painted bodypanels. Technically a black paint (which we call a high impact color) is not build up in a different quality then other (lighter) colors. Any high impact color shows easier and more depth then a light impact color like f.e. silver and this is exactly what you see more then with any color when black paint is not cared for correct or even worse when it gets neglected. Then a beautiful black paint can turn into a grey and dull looking surface which makes you not recognize your awesome black car anymore. 

To solve this (going out from a worse case scenario) we suggest to start with a proper 2 or 3 bucket carwashdry the car properly, when needed claybar the paint with enough Luber clay lubricant at your side. Then wash, rinse and dry the car again so we can see the actual status of the black paint. If you see a lot of “spiderwebs” (swirls) and maybe any deeper scratches (which you can feel with your fingernails) in the clearcoat or colorcoat of the vehicle this often can be repaired and / or polished with a rotary polisher and or dual action polisher, some proper Hex Logic Polishing Pads and Compounds / Polishes. For the harder type of often ceramic based paints we suggest the V-line of polishes (V32 for heavy cutting, V34 for cutting, V36 for swirl removal and / or V38 for finishing), for the weaker and more traditional type of polishes we suggest the Paint Correction range (Paint Correction 700 for cutting, Paint Correction 721 for swirl removal and Paint Correction 778 for finishing). Always make sure you keep your pads clean, well primed while polishing, don’t use too much product and work in even motions (section by section) over the surface. Always check the quality of your work by wiping off with a clean microfiber towel from time to time and a strong inspection work light.
Black Paint Protection
Black Car Wax
Best Wax for Black Car
Best Wax for Black Cars
Best Car Wax for Black Cars
Now that we have corrected the dull and neglected black paint to its (better as) new condition it is time to perfect and preserve this result which can be done in more than 1 ways, for example; A carnauba wax (Pete’s 53, Black Wax, 5050 Connoiseurs Paste Wax) fits naturally perfectly to a high impact color like black is, it is strengthen the deepness of this dark color and after wiping off the wax residu you might be thinking you are looking in a black chrome mirror. A paint sealant (M-Seal, Jetseal 109, FS Factory Sealant) fits also very good to a black paint, however this synthetic formulated ptfe (teflon) based product has less strong shine capabilities than a natural carnauba wax has on black paint. Key thing is that a good sealant will often give you a longer durability on your black paint. Often professional detailers choose to first layer 1 or 2 coats of sealant whereafter they will finish off with a coat of carnauba wax. Lately we see a few very good and new technologies coming up, the so called paint coatings (like Second Skin 6) or glass coatings. These products offer like sealants a very long durability and as well can make a black car shine like a diamond in a goat’s axx. Often here is that the paint coating or glass coating get’s layered (2 coats) which add extreme shine and protection. Sometimes the beading effect of a paint coating isn’t that great, then after hardening you can apply a good carnauba wax on top to create this effect.
Black Paint Maintenance When you are enjoying your freshly waxed, sealed and / or coated paint you’re driving your black car around and enjoying the shine and the thumbs ups your getting. After a while you need to wash it again to remove debris and oxidation. Please do this as safe as possible with 2 or 3 carwash buckets, a good microfiber washmitt and microfiber drying towel (Miracle Dryer) and also you a drying agent as After Wash to protect your treat polished and waxed result with most care that you can.
Accessories & Tools  Microfiber towels, Applicators, Brushes, Buckets, Polishers, Pads, Foam Lances, Foam Guns, Vacuumers, Extractors, Claybars, Claymitts, etc… etc…

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