The Corona Virus is really bad, but everything bad has
always something good.
This new situation saves time for things that often are left behind
or postponed. Car Care and Detailing are a part of this.
Now you have the chance to make your car ready for Spring and together
with ChemicalGuys.eu you are sure you start with a SHINE and a SMILE.

March 20 is the official start of Spring, the weather is nice (its getting warmer). If restrictions allow it, now is the perfect time to wash and prep your car.

1 Wash away the Winter’s dirt. Make sure to have a high pressure washer, specialized cleaners like All Purpose Cleaner, Degreasers, Wheelcleaners, clean Wash Mitts, Buckets, Brushes and Microfiber Towels on hand.
2 When you have stubborn oxidation and contamination on your car you might want to consider using a claybar and lubricant to remove this.
3 Underbody needs to be cleaned and examined to make sure road salt cannot create corrosion to (unprotected or damaged) metal parts. If you want you can visit a professional detailer / specialist to get this solved.
4 When cleaning pay attention to gaps (and seals) between the bonnet, doors etc, this should be clean. All dirt and leafs need to go out. The same goes for wheel arches, dirt, debris from Winter can nest here and cause future damage when not cleaned in time. Make sure to have a good All Purpose Cleanerclean Brushes and Microfiber Towels on hand to get this clean.
5 After cleaning, plastic and rubber parts need to be finished with a (waterbased) dressing of choice for appearance and protection.
6 In case of scratches on the car’s paint its time for polishing, if you feel like doing check our tutorial videos on polishing or visit the shop for a demo to consider if this work suits you… Paint correction is addictive, once mastered you will see swirls everywhere.
7 Almost done? NOPE, after polishing we wipe down with Wipe Out to prepare for our favorite layer(s) of wax, sealant or ceramic coating for added shine and protection. Make sure to have clean Applicators and Microfiber Towels on hand to apply and remove this safe and sound.
8 Before the exterior is done we check up on our work and use a Quick Detailer and a clean Microfiber Towel to remove evt streaks, dust, fingerprints, to make it perfect.

Its not over yet, the Spring Cleaning continues in the interior.

9 Remove all floor mats for a good vacuuming.
10 Vacuum the complete interior, under the seats, in the trunk, also under the spare wheel – compartment)
   If so, pls remove winter ballast like snow chains and free the trunk from unnecessary items.
11 Wipe down doorpanels and dashboard with an Interior Cleaner to remove dust, fingerprints and shoestreaks.
12 Windows need to be cleaned streakfree inside and outside.
13 In case of stains its time to use special cleaners like Lightning Fast Stain Remover and Brushes. Always rinse and dry afterwards.
14 Also clean and vacuum the interior filter (often behind the dashboard) and spray this with your favorite car air freshener.

Note proper Detailing takes a lot of time, which is cool since in these circumstances you have time.
The cool thing is you will encouter new situations, learn as you go and achieve results on your car that you held for impossible.

Spring is here, you love your car, always drive clean and enjoy detailing, let’s do it @ChemicalGuys.eu!