Infrared replacement tube for Speed Dry Infrared Paint Dryer.

Krauss Infrared Paint Dryers are great value for money with a complete line up of IR Paint Dryers that;

- Short weave radiation penetrates the different layers of primer, base coat, clear coat and additional  
  glass coat from inside to outside. This prevents blistering and accelerates the drying and or curing
  times and results in a brilliant surface.
- Are solid built.
- Ergonomically to work with.
- Easy to set do the drying.
- Evt. Spare parts are easy to order

When used often the Infrared Light Tubes are gone after time. Therefore we offer you these replacements Vpower Quartz Halogen Short Weave Infrared Fluorescent Tubes. With Quartz Glass that is very pure and this ensures a very good transmission and temperature resistance.


Power 1 x 1100W
Drying area 1200 x 1000mm
Weight 0.3 KG