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A New Way of Cleaning

Conventional methods for cleaning the exterior of a vehicle such as pressure washing or handwashing require gallons and gallons of water, yet you’ll still need separate tools and supplies to clean the interior. With today’s widespread water shortages and the tightening regulations, or if you’re simply running a mobile car wash business and can’t bring hundreds of gallons of water with you to the job, “steam car wash” is quickly becoming the new standard for smart, efficient, and profitable car wash and detailing.

Using “dry” vapor steam produced by the Optima Steamer, a practiced operator can clean the exterior of a typical passenger car with as little as 1 gallon of water and can do it in as little as 15 minutes (obviously, your results may vary).


Optima DMF is equipped with the most heat efficient diesel boiler and generates powerful steam jet. It can be used for car wash, general cleaning, weed removal and more in mobile locations. Direct water line connection enabled by an automatic water refilling system will become handy when a continuous water source (i.e. water tab) is available on your site. It is the most popular model amongst all product lines we offer.

Number of Guns:  Two (dual system)
Required Electric Power for Operation: < 350 watts
Mobile Operation Option? : Yes (portable generator or battery required for mobile operations)
Ventilation: Proper ventilation required
Automatic Water-filling System? : Yes
Included Accessories: 2 Steam guns ("K26"), 2 Steam hoses (10 meters, 33'), 1 Spray bottle


Recently we added the Fortador Steam Jet Diesel to our program. Mainly for applications that require more strength to have an appropriate answer, think of construction equipment, agricultural equipment and transport equipment.

Below a short overview of what the Fortador Steam Jet Diesel is and its features:

Pressure 16 bar (max), 2 x Power Gun
Temperature (work) 120 - 140 C (adjustable thermostat with auto-stop)
Temperature (boiler) 190 C (200 C max)
Preheating time 2 minutes
Content Water / Diesel / Cleaning. 1 / Cleaner. 2 25 / 15.5 / 5/5 liters
Sound 60 dB
Voltage and frequency 220 - 230V; 50 - 60 Hz
Water consumption 600 cc.min x 1 (max. 1,200 cc)
Diesel consumption 0.6 L diesel in comb. mode (using Lamborghini incinerator)
Weight (net) 200 kg
Dimensions L x W x H 77 x 140 x 112 cm

See for our full program of steamers the following website http://www.autosteamer.eu

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